Study Pharmacology in the UK

Pharmacology in the UK

Information about Pharmacology in the UK and the MPharm degree

Study Pharmacology in the UK

Pharmacology is the science of drugs, particularly drug action and the effects of drugs on a certain cell, tissue or organism. Not restricted to just medicines, pharmacology also looks at substances produced inside the body such as hormones. A pharmacology course in the UK covers areas of science such as neuroscience, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and infection and immunity.

Pharmacology degrees in the UK last for three years and start by providing students with a good knowledge of biology in the first year. Students are given the opportunity to undertake research projects and all modules are kept up to date with the latest scientific research. 

The UK Pharmacology degree is not accredited in Canada to practice as a Pharmacist and so it is generally advised that students look at UK universities that offer the MPharm (Pharmacy) course, which does contain Pharmacology as part of its curriculum. 

Pharmacology v Pharmacy

Pharmacology is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the uses, effects and human response to different drugs. Pharmacy degrees, meanwhile, are specifically designed to train and license individuals to dispense prescription medication and become pharmacists. 

Pharmacology Career Prospects

Pharmacology graduates are well suited to research positions in pharmaceutical and bioscience companies, looking at drug safety, drug research and drug sales. Many students may also take up clinical or technical roles in laboratories, not focusing on drug research.

Please note that Pharmacology is different from Pharmacy and will not qualify students to work as a pharmacist.

Which UK Universities Offer Pharmacology/Pharmacy Courses?

To discover the best places to study a degree in Pharmacology/Pharmacy in the UK, find out about the universities listed in the top ten for Pharmacy and Pharmacology in the Times Good University Guide 2022 below:

  1. University of Cambridge*
  2. University of Dundee*
  3. Queen's University, Belfast
  4. University of Strathclyde
  5. Ulster University
  6. Cardiff University
  7. University of Bath
  8. University of Nottingham
  9. University of Glasgow*
  10. University of Bristol*

*Universities that do not offer the necessary MPharm degree

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