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SI-UK North America Staff

Study in UK's North American offices are supported by staff largely based across Canada. The majority of our staff are UK university graduates and are available to assist you with your application. Our team includes Consultants in Ontario, Nova Scotia and British Columbia and our wider team is based in either Canada or the United States. 

See below to meet our team:

SI-UK Staff

Vicki Fox, Director

Hometown: Kent, England / Toronto, Canada

Academic Background: Loughborough University, UK

Vicki Fox is from Kent, England and is one of the founding partners of SI-UK Global. She graduated from Loughborough University in Computing and Management, before moving into the IT and management consulting industry. After a period of five years in Japan with SI-UK, she moved to London to head up the London office. She has counselled thousands of students regarding education options in the UK and is extremely well versed in the education sector. Vicki is responsible for company marketing, enhancing technology at SI-UK and business development.

SI-UK Staff

Dwayne Gallagher, Director

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Academic Background: University of Toronto

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Canada, Dwayne Gallagher has spent over ten years in the UK, Europe and Northeast Asia managing and directing companies related to international education. Dwayne has worked very closely with the British Council, a large number of government organizations and UK universities in the area of international student recruitment. Dwayne is responsible for overseeing the global management of SI-UK.

SI-UK Staff

Orion Judge, Director

Hometown: London, England

Academic Background: University of Toronto, York University, McMaster University, Wilfrid Laurier Univ: B.A., M.A., BEd.,LLB.

Orion is from London, England and holds degrees from four top universities including an LL.B specializing in International law, an M.A. and a BEd. After graduation, Orion co-founded a nationally recognized multimedia company. For the past 12 years, he has worked in the international education sector, promoting UK Education and closely collaborating with UK universities and the British Council. Orion is responsible for global operations, marketing, partnerships and strategic planning at SI-UK.

SI-UK Staff

Laurence Kelly, Marketing Manager

Hometown: London, England / New York, US

Academic Background: English Literature (BA), University of Kent, UK

Laurence completed his BA in Comparative Literature, at the University of Kent, before spending a year teaching in Spain after graduating in 2015. On his return to the UK, he worked in Financial Services before moving to Toronto in late 2019. Laurence is responsible for company marketing such as events management, lead generation campaigns, social media and website updates.

SI-UK Staff

Andrew Greener, Marketing Coordinator

Hometown: Kinross, Scotland / Kitchener, Canada

Academic Background: History (BA), University of Stirling, UK

Andrew graduated from the University of Stirling, Scotland, in 2017, achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. Andrew has worked in both private education, teaching English as a foreign language, and digital marketing. He moved to Toronto, Canada in 2018 and has worked in digital marketing and sales for 5+ years. Andrew has been employed by SI-UK North America since 2021, marketing UK universities to both Canadian and American prospective students.

SI-UK Staff

Patricia Pu, Applications Manager

Hometown: Chengdu, China / Toronto, Canada

Academic Background: MA Management, University of Liverpool

Patricia graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2013, achieving a master's degree in Business Management. She worked for 5 years doing administrative and data indexing work for various companies within the civil engineering, banking and education industries. Patricia arrived in Canada in 2019 and was employed as a payments representative in a Canadian financial institution before joining SI-UK in 2021.

SI-UK Staff

Jaitee Parulekar, Managing Consultant 

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Academic Background: MBA, Bangor University, UK

Jaitee completed her MBA at Bangor University in Wales in the UK. As a former international student and with six years of experience counselling students on options in the UK, Jaitee is well versed in the UK Education system and is a senior education consultant at SI-UK. Jaitee specializes in Law, Pharmacy, Business, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine programmes in the UK. Jaitee is our resident visa specialist too! 

SI-UK Staff

Heidi Schulze, Senior Consultant

Hometown: Kitchener, Canada

Academic Background: Archaeology (MA), University of Durham, UK

Heidi completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Anthropology with a minor in Classical studies and went on to complete a Masters in Classics at Durham University in the UK.  She has six years of experience advising students on their applications to UK Universities and specializes in working with Law School applicants. Her passion for assisting students with applying to university stems from a desire to nurture and support applicants’ dreams of developing career prospects through further education.

SI-UK Staff

Nnenna Asubo, Senior Consultant

Hometown: London, England / Toronto, Canada

Academic Background: Law (LLB), University College London, UK

Nnenna is from London, England and completed her LLB at University College London (UCL) in England before moving to Canada. Having studied Law in the UK, she is familiar with the application process and routes to qualification and can provide insight into the life of a law student. Nnenna has experience in assisting students applying for a range of courses.

Wajiya Amjad, Senior Consultant

Hometown: Leeds, England / Toronto, Canada

Academic Background: Chemistry (BSc), Keele University, UK

Wajiya is from West Yorkshire, England, and completed her Honours Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Keele University. During her undergraduate degree, she completed an international year at the University of Guelph which has given her a unique insight into navigating both the North American and UK university systems. Now living and working in Canada, Wajiya is passionate about guiding students toward achieving their own international education goals. 

Anne Byrne, Consultant

Hometown: Halifax, Canada

Academic Background: Dalhousie University

Anne is from Halifax, Canada and graduated from Dalhousie University with degrees in both science (BSc) and architecture (BEDS). Following the completion of her degree, Anne spent considerable time travelling throughout the UK, Europe, and South America. She has worked closely with several global Education Technology (EdTech) companies, to enhance and improve students' education outcomes in the virtual setting. Anne is passionate about helping SI-UK students achieve their educational goals.

Hiam Haddad, Consultant

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Academic Background: York University, Canada & Law (LLB), University of Southampton, UK

Hiam graduated from York University with a BA in political science. She then went to the University of Southampton in 2014 and did a two-year LLB. program (JD pathway program). This program was catered to Canadian students particularly. Between 2016-2017 Hiam completed both NCA bar exams while articling. She articled for a criminal defence firm in downtown Toronto for 10 months. Hiam was then called to the bar of Ontario in June 2019.  After articling, she worked as a lawyer from 2019 - 2021. She now works with SI-UK North America to advise students on the ins and outs of the NCA process, becoming a lawyer in Canada with a UK degree and what studying Law in the UK entails.  

SI-UK Staff

Samuel Sadler, Consultant 

Hometown: Wolverhampton, England / Toronto, Canada

Academic Background: Nottingham Trent University & University of Hull

Samuel is from Wolverhampton, England and studied at both Nottingham Trent University and at the University of Hull. Samuel graduated with a BSc in Geography from NTU in 2016 and in 2021 he graduated with an MSc in Renewable Energy from Hull. Following his postgraduate study, Samuel moved to Toronto, Canada in 2021 to further his professional career. From completing both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the UK, Sam knows the application process well and is keen to help prospective students with their application journey. 

Fareeda Chand, Consultant 

Hometown: British Guyana and Canada

Fareeda is a marketing and business development professional with over 20 years of experience in international education. Previously working for the Australian government, she helped reposition Australia as a quality study destination in Canada. This experience provided her with strong industry knowledge and networks for partnership building between Canadian and British universities. Fareeda was educated in British Guyana and Canada and holds a diploma in International Marketing. Fareeda is a Senior Consultant at SI-UK and is experienced in supporting students in Medicine, Law, Physio, Pharmacy and many other subjects.

SI-UK Staff

Tim Pilkington, Consultant  

Hometown: Nottingham, England / Vancouver, Canada

Academic Background: the University of East Anglia, International Relations (BA)

Tim has worked in international education for close to ten years, having worked at the University of East Anglia, the University of Nottingham and at the University of Essex, where he managed the US and Canadian markets. Now working with SI-UK North America, Tim enjoys promoting the excellent opportunities that a UK education has to offer for North American students.

Contact SI-UK to book a meeting with our Vancouver team either over the phone or at our Vancouver Office

SI-UK is proud to work with a number of experts in their fields. Speak to your Consultant to learn more about how these professionals support our student's applications.  

SI-UK PhD Services

Robert M., Oxbridge Consultant 

Hometown: London, England

Academic Background: University of Oxford

Robert attended Eton College before going on to Oxford to read Classics, where he graduated with an MA. Having subsequently studied law at Middle Temple he worked for Barclays Bank and a number of education-related companies before joining SI-UK. He now deals with public schools and specializes in preparing high-calibre candidates for entry into Oxford and Cambridge, as well as providing a general service helping international students get into Universities and MBA providers across the UK.

Dr. Muhammad C., Medicine Specialist

Academic Background: Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London

Dr. Muhammad C. is a Clinical Fellow with 8 years of clinical experience working in London. His main specialty is General Surgery. He graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London. He also received a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Infection and Immunity from the same institution. He supports our Medicine applicants with interview preparation and has been working with SI-UK for 5 years.

Rahul S., UCAT Trainer 

Academic Background: Current University of Cambridge Medical Student 

Rahul is a Fourth-year medical student studying at the University of Cambridge and has lots of experience tutoring students for the UCAT as well as generally prepping them for the medical admissions process. With a UCAT score of 3400, Rahul was among the top UCAT scores in the world during the 2018/19 admissions cycle. As well as Cambridge, he also applied to and received offers from King's College London and the University of Edinburgh, and received a scholarship offer from Imperial College London. Rahul has delivered presentations on medical admissions to 100s of students, and organized a medical admissions conference for over 100 attendees, considering all aspects of the admissions process.

Manal K., Medicine Application Editor 

Academic Background: Current University of Nottingham Medical Student 

Manal is a Third-year medical student at the University of Nottingham. Her UCAT score was in the 90th percentile during the 2020/2021 admission cycle. She has extensive experience tutoring students for their UCAT and helping them prepare for the medical school admissions process. Through her guidance, Manal has helped students receive offers at the University of Nottingham, the University of Southampton, and the University of Liverpool to name a few.

Sarah F., BVetMed, Ph.D. Candidate, Veterinary School Specialist 

Academic Background: Ph.D. Student from the Royal Veterinary College, UK 

Sarah rejoined the Royal Veterinary College in October September 2017 to undertake a Ph.D. to investigate non-invasive ways to detect seizures in dogs with epilepsy. Prior to this Sarah graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2015 as a veterinary surgeon. After graduating, Sarah worked for 18 months at a first opinion practice and then went on to do a one-year rotating internship at Eastcott Veterinary Clinic and Hospital. She supports our veterinary medicine students with their applications to UK universities, preparing them for university interviews and reading through their personal statements. Sarah has been with SI-UK, assisting students with their Veterinary University applications since 2019. Each year, SI-UK supports students from North America with their application to Vet Med School in the UK.

Taylor Z., Personal Statement Editor

Academic Background: Sheridan College, Canada

Taylor is a Freelance Editor with SI-UK, she graduated from Sheridan College, Ontario in 2021 with a BA (Hons) degree in Creative Writing & Publishing. Taylor has 5 years of editing experience and 4 years of professional writing experience.

She has worked for Sheridan College, assisting students with their portfolios, personal statements, website content and project descriptions and also for a publishing house and university magazine. Taylor currently assists SI-UK students with editing Personal Statements, making sure that the statement best represents a student, and improving their chances of offers from UK universities.

Learn more about who we are, what services we offer, our university partners and what our students have said about us by visiting our About Us page.  Free consultations with our education experts will set you on the right path toward studying in the UK.

The team at SI-UK looks forward to hearing from you.


SI-UK's service is fast, reliable and efficient. My consultant improved my chances of getting into a top university.
Carla T.
International Business Economics at City University

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