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Scholarships and Funding for Universities in the UK

Funding Options for Canadian Students in the UK 

There are many options for Canadian students to fund their studies both domestically and internationally. Did you know that many UK universities will accept Canadian student loan providers? SI-UK can keep you informed as to which universities accept which student loans and what each province's student loan provider is appropriate for each student. 

If you meet the eligibility requirements for a Canadian Student Loan, you may use the federal portion to study overseas.  All of our UK university partners have been approved as Designated Post-Secondary Institutions by the Canadian Government. Further information is available on the CanLearn website.  

Read more about the student loan options available to you in your province:

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is the Ontario student loans system that is granted through the National Student Loans Service Centre. Funds through OSAP are generally a compilation of provincial loans, federal loans and bursaries. The only portion of these funds available for study overseas is the Federal loan, visit the Ontario Student Assistance Program website for details on maximum funding. 

Students from BC can learn more about their student loan options from StudentAidBC, which provides financial support for British Columbia students. This financial institution is accepted by most UK universities. speak to us to learn which universities accept StudentAidBC as an accepted tuition payer. 

Students from Alberta can learn more about their student loan options from Alberta Student Aid, which provides financial support for Albertan students. This financial institution is accepted by most UK universities. speak to us to learn which universities accept Alberta Student Aid as an accepted tuition payer. 

Quebec Student Financial Assistance is the provincial body responsible for managing your student loan however it is a bank or other financial institution that is ultimately responsible for depositing the loan into your account. Quebec caps its provincial loan allowance for the entirety of a student's study period, visit the Quebec Student Financial Assistance website for details on this cap limit. 

If you are from the eastern provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or any province/territory not mentioned here and would like to know more about your student loan options for studying in the UK speak to an SI-UK Consultant.  

Scholarship Options for Canadian Students in the UK

Scholarships (also called awards) are funding that is awarded based on a student's academic and extracurricular achievements.

There are many top UK Universities which offer scholarships to Canadian students in the form of financial support, based on academic achievement or other criteria. This can help ease the cost of tuition, materials, accommodation and other necessary expenses related to studying at UK universities. 

Criteria, for the awarding of UK university scholarships, can include academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement, employment experience, areas of study, and financial need. Scholarships are typically in the form of a partial fee reduction and fall under two main categories – merit-based and need-based. 

One such merit-based scholarship, exclusive to Canadians, is the Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund, a scholarship that has awarded over one million pounds to over 500 Canadians studying at universities across the UK. 

Additionally, postgraduate students should be aware of the Chevening Scholarship, the UK government’s international scholarships and fellowships program. Funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and partner organizations, the UK government offers fully funded scholarships and fellowships to individuals with ideas to create positive change. Speak to your SI-UK Consultant to learn more.

Exclusive Scholarships for SI-UK Students

SI-UK has partnered with various UK universities to offer scholarships exclusive to our students. One such example is the Business and Computer Science Scholarship with University of Exeter. This scholarship, exclusive to SI-UK's North American students, offers £20,000 GBP towards student living costs to students enrolling in a Business or Computer Science program at the University of Exeter for September 2024. Speak to your SI-UK Consultant for more information on how to apply, scholarship requirements and more.

We have also arranged a scholarship with the University of Birmingham for September 2024 entry. Birmingham's 'Canada Outstanding Achievement Scholarship' will offer our students up to 5 scholarships of £4,000 against their first year of tuition for all subjects excluding Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. We have previously had two students receive this award from Birmingham. Speak to your SI-UK Consultant for more information on how to apply, scholarship requirements and more.

Scholarship search for Canadian students

Find UK scholarships, grants and bursaries to help fund your studies in the UK with our comprehensive scholarship search. 

Our scholarship database is an independent and impartial information source for all students wishing to find funding at a UK university. Search by university and click any scholarship to find further details or make an enquiry with our international application experts.

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Are you looking for a scholarship, grant or bursary to help fund your studies in the UK? Our comprehensive scholarship search has hundreds of potential opportunities waiting for you.

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