Meet the Russell Group - 11 March 2022

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Meet the Russell Group

11 March 2022

Meet the Russell Group (Wednesday, April 27)

The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities. Russell Group universities produce 68% of the UK’s world-leading research and within the UK teach a quarter of all undergraduate students, more than a third of engineers, four out of five doctors and dentists, 45% of linguists, and 50% of physical scientists and mathematicians.

All 24 Russell Group universities will be available to meet at a virtual event for students, parents, counsellors, and teachers. Student ambassadors and staff will be available to answer questions live, and webinars will run across a range of topics. 

Participating universities are:

  • University of Birmingham, England
  • University of Bristol, England
  • University of Cambridge, England
  • Cardiff University, Wales
  • Durham University, England
  • The University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • University of Exeter, England
  • University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • Imperial College London, England
  • King’s College London, England
  • University of Leeds, England
  • University of Liverpool, England
  • London School of Economics and Political Science, England
  • University of Manchester, England
  • Newcastle University, England
  • University of Nottingham, England
  • University of Oxford, England
  • Queen Mary University of London, England
  • Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • The University of Sheffield, England
  • University of Southampton, England
  • University College London, England
  • The University of Warwick, England
  • University of York, England

The event is split into 2 sessions (webinar schedule and live chat/video schedule)

  • Live Chat and Live Video Schedule: 11:30 am - 3 pm ET
  • Webinar Schedule: 7 am - 9:30am ET

Recordings of webinars will be available to registrants until Friday, May 27. Registration, FAQs, and further information can be found here:

UK school year groups correspond to K-12 as:





Year 13


Grade 12


Year 12


Grade 11


Year 11


Grade 10


Meet the Russell Group Warm-Up Webinars (Wednesday, April 20 and Monday, April 25)

There will be two pre-event webinars in the week leading up to the main event.

  • Why study at a Russell Group university, a perspective from current students of 7 RG universities: Wednesday, April 20 at 7:30 - 9 am ET
  • Why study at a Russell Group university, with RG Director of Policy, Sarah Stevens and a panel of 5 RG universities: Monday, April 25 at 11:30 am - 1 pm ET

Recordings of webinars will be available to registrants. Registration and recordings are available as per the main event.  Further information: 

Speak to an SI-UK consultant to learn more about Russell Group universities and get advice on which university may be the best path for your academic journey. 

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