Oxbridge Interview Preparation

Oxbridge Interview Preparation

Preparing for Interviews at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge

Interviews at Oxbridge Universities

Every intake cycle these two distinguished universities hold interviews to filter the large number of applications they receive for each year. Once a student has passed the entry requirements, Oxbridge admissions tutors use interviews, as well as tests and personal statements, as the final part of the university application process. Interviews help admission tutors to learn more about a student and whether they will handle the intense expectations at their historic university. 

Oxbridge interviews are conducted by tutors in a student's chosen course from the college they have either applied to or been allocated to. Students will know if they have been asked to interview with the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge by mid-November and undergraduate admissions interviews then normally take place in December.

The Oxbridge Service

Considered amongst the best in the world, admission to Oxbridge universities is incredibly competitive and so preparing for these tests on your own can be a daunting process. Students at Oxford or Cambridge are expected to have advanced academic ability and a high level of critical thinking and this will be tested in the admissions process. 

The SI-UK Oxbridge Service will assist with student interview preparation, minimizing nerves by insuring that students are fully aware of what to expect in their Oxbridge interview. 

The Oxbridge Service Mock Interview

Tailored to a student's individual needs, they will receive support, advice and feedback to help manage expectations and achieve the best result possible. Our Oxbridge experts work with experienced Oxbridge graduates and professionals to accurately replicate Oxbridge interview conditions giving students the best possible insight into what to expect. 

As part of their interview preparation, a student will be asked questions which have been designed to not only test their knowledge of specific areas of their given subject but also their views on the wider application of the subject.

Oxbridge Service Interview Feedback

Following the Oxbridge Mock Interview we will provide feedback, noting any areas of improvement and providing advice on what improvements can be made. The goal of this feedback will be to build confidence as we know that a student is not at their best when they feel overwhelmed.

At each practice stage, applicants are interviewed by a different Oxbridge graduate to ensure that their whole performance is fully analyzed and that they can receive complete feedback. This allows students to experience what it is like to be interviewed by someone new and, with each session, they will be able to put into practice their newly developed interview skills and see how each tutor responds.

Oxbridge Application Help

Arrange a free consultation today, in our office on the phone or online, to get started and learn more about the Oxbridge Service.

SI-UK's service is fast, reliable and efficient. My consultant improved my chances of getting into a top university.
Carla T.
International Business Economics at City University

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