FAQ about Studying Occupational Therapy in the UK

FAQ about Studying Occupational Therapy in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Study in UK (SI-UK) would like to offer some answers to our most frequently asked questions about studying Occupational Therapy in the UK. Read the answers below and if you have any more questions reach out to an SI-UK Consultant, who will be able to help answer any further queries. 

Can I study Occupational Therapy out of high school? 

Yes, you can! Many UK universities offer you the chance to study a BSc Occupational Therapy undergraduate degree straight out of high school. Learn more about studying Occupational Therapy at a UK university by speaking to an SI-UK Consultant

How long does it take to complete an Occupational Therapy degree?

A BSc Occupational Therapy degree takes 3 years to complete in the UK. An MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) degree typically takes 2 years to complete. 

When does an Occupational Therapy program start and finish?

Depending on the university and the program, classes may start in either September or January and will conclude in either 24 months or 36 months.

Many MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) degrees will have a January start date and, as a full-time degree, will cover five trimesters.

Will I qualify to practice with an Occupational Therapy degree from the UK?

Yes, both the 3-year BSc and 2-year MSc (Pre-registration) degrees will allow you to practice Occupational Therapy in Canada. 

Upon completion of your respective degree and return to Canada, you will provide your academic credentials to the Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy Regulatory Organizations (ACOTRO) which will review your qualifications and administer an examination to test your proficiency on behalf of provincial/territorial regulators. 

The exception is Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut, where Occupational Therapy is not regulated. 

What qualifications do I need to study Occupational Therapy in the UK?

BSc Occupational Therapy - The following qualifications are generally accepted for an undergraduate degree:

  • Canadian High School Requirements: An average of a B or 70% (including Biology) at Grade 12 may be accepted.
  • Typical International Baccalaureate requirements: 32 points including qualifications in Biology.

MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) - Applicants from North America will normally be expected to have achieved a minimum GPA equivalent to 60% (many will require at least 70%) in their undergraduate degree. If you fall below these requirements, please get in touch and a Consultant will be able to discuss your options with you.

Relevant experience is desirable such as shadowing, volunteering or visiting a clinic. 

Will I need to do an interview for Occupational Therapy in the UK?

Yes, you will need to do a video call or in-person interview (typically lasting 20 minutes) for the majority of UK Occupational Therapy schools. SI-UK can help prepare you for this interview, speak to one of our Consultants for more information. 

What careers can an Occupational therapy degree lead to? 

Many Canadian Occupational Therapy graduates from the UK will return to Canada to work at an Occupational Therapist clinic. However, there are many other options for Occupational Therapy graduates. 

An Occupational Therapy degree opens the door to various health and rehabilitation careers including at a senior care home or medical centre, pediatric medical centre, neurological clinic, and clinical research.

Speak to one of SI-UK's Consultants to learn about further career options for Occupational Therapy graduates. 

My grades are not high enough to enter the MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) – what other options do I have? 

If your Canadian undergraduate grades are not sufficient to guarantee entry into the MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) program then we would advise that you apply for the BSc Occupational Therapy program with your high school grades. 

You will be required to study for 3 years in a BSc program instead of the MSc’s 2 years but following graduation, you will have the qualifications to practice Occupational Therapy, following the completion of your province's accreditation exams. 

Some UK universities, such as Glasgow Caledonian University, offer a module to provide students with the opportunity to achieve the qualifications required to enter the MSc program. This alternative entry route takes the form of a pre-entry module and is an online honours-level program that students can, for an additional cost, undertake if they do not meet the standard entry requirements. Speak to an SI-UK Consultant to learn more. 

How much and what type of fieldwork experience will I have during the program?

In the UK “fieldwork” experience is referred to as “placement”. As in Canada, there is a requirement to complete a minimum of 1000 hours of practice. This will consist of preparation and reflection and four placements during the course of the program. You will generally gain a range of experiences, in both statutory and “role emerging” settings.

At some universities, the two placements are full-time during the summer months and the other two run alongside classroom-based teaching to enable the integration of theory and practice. 

How can SI-UK help me get into an Occupational Therapy school? 

SI-UK offers a free application service to give you the best chance of securing an offer to a UK university. SI-UK will take you through the UK application process, help find the right accredited university for you and review your final application. We are also able to provide enhanced assistance to Occupational Therapy students with our Physiotherapy Service

Read what Allied Health students have said about SI-UK’s services by clicking here

How much does an Occupational Therapy degree cost in the UK?

The BSc degree costs approx 15,000 GBP per year (approx $25,000 CAD per year) and the MSc Pre-registration degree costs approx 17,000 GBP per year (approx $28,000 CAD per year). 

What scholarships are available for an Occupational Therapy degree in the UK? 

 There are a variety of scholarships available for international Occupational Therapy students at UK universities. The amount varies from school to school. Speak to an SI-UK Consultant to learn more about your scholarship options. 

Can I hear from a current student?

Hear from Canadian Kelsey Grant as she discusses her experience on the MSc Occupational Therapy (pre-registration) program at Glasgow Caledonian University.


SI-UK's service is fast, reliable and efficient. My consultant improved my chances of getting into a top university.
Carla T.
International Business Economics at City University

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